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Residential Program for Contractors

We are excited to announce that the County of Los Angeles/Southern California Regional Energy Network (SoCalREN) Energy Upgrade California® Home Upgrade Program is now open for new applications for the 2018 program year. The program has been updated to further align with the program measures and incentives offered by Southern California Edison (SCE)/SoCalGas®. Please read below for the details of these changes and the updated program documents you will need. Program Account Managers are happy to help you get started; please contact them for any assistance.

Please review our March 12, 2018 Program Update for full details on measure changes, incentive amounts in 2018, and other details you need to get started with submitting projects for the 2018 program year.

Please note that pending decisions by the CPUC there may be changes to the program later this year. We will keep all Participating Contractors updated on the program status and any potential changes.