SoCalREN: COVID-19 Impacts and Updates

SoCalREN: COVID-19 Impacts and Updates

Updated October 12, 2021

The SoCalREN team is dedicated to serving our communities and participants. We understand you may have questions regarding your program participation at this time.

As in-field activities resumed on May 18, 2020, in-person events and certain facilities are beginning to open. All activity will require adherence to Safety Guidelines as outlined by SoCalREN:

Public Agency Program COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

Multifamily Program COVID-19 Safety Guidelines 

Workforce Education and Training COVID-19 Safety Guidelines 

Program staff will continue to follow social distancing guidelines while also following local and state guidelines. We are happy to provide continued service and support to program participants, contractors, students, and other stakeholders via telephone and/or email.

For more information on the COVID-19 vaccine, visit the California Department of Public Health or Los Angeles County Public Health web pages.

If you are a current Participating Public Agency, Participating Contractor, or Multifamily Property Owner/Manager, please feel free to reach out to your assigned Project Manager or Account Manager directly. Any updates regarding SoCalREN programs will be communicated to you in writing by email.

Students enrolled in the ACES Program should reach out to your Program contact directly or contact the team via email as noted below.

Our teams are available 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday to address any questions or concerns.

Public Agency Program
Contact your PM

Residential (Multifamily) Program
(877) 785-2237

Workforce Education and Training Program

Please visit us on social media, or contact us using the form at right for any other inquiries.

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State and Local COVID-19 Guidance

For more information about state and local guidance, we invite you to visit the California Department of Public Health, the California Public Utilities Commission or the individual county links below: